Artist Statement

Jenna Efrein aspires to harmonious co-existence between our own social structures and those of others around us through materials use and reclamation. To symbolize the transition in thinking between that which dominates today and that of the future, Jenna up-cycles material, particularly found bottle glass. These containers are transformed through her process to belie their original nature. What was considered waste becomes valuable again. Thus, Jenna creates bridges with individuals through her work to expose communal vulnerabilities. It is her method of building a strong community, supportive of itself and of those sharing the environment. 



     Indefatigably hopefully, she aspires to activate people to behave more conscientiously toward other groups. She chooses to believe in the possibility that we can find common ground and discover the voices of the voiceless. 




   Jenna Efrein grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Miami (2014) from Philadelphia. She received her MFA from Alfred University School of Art and Design in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies (2009). Post graduate school she lived in Philadelphia where she maintained a studio and taught in New Jersey at Salem Community College and Rowan University. Currently, she is a Lecturer at the University of Miami in the Art and Art History, Sculpture department.  As a multimedia artist, she has participated in group and solo shows. Currently, her studio practice takes place at a residency at the  Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood.