April 28th 2018 (opening) June 30th (closing)

Two night pop-up show with live performances! Come take a walk on the wild side over my bridge and get lit!
I will be showing a few pieces with & Gallery at Aqua this 2017 Art Basel season.
2017 Rocking Chair Sessions
Baba Collective, Sound Cloud Interview, Volume 1
Protect, Preserve, and Serve Your South Florida Flora, Fauna, and Water Panel Talk Short Presentations about actions you can participate in followed by Q &A
University of Miami Gallery 2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite #4
March 23rd, 7-9 
Hosted in the installation titled We are HERE by Jenna Efrein
Panelist Dawn Shirreffs- Senior Everglades Policy Advisor
Kelly Cox- Staff Attorney and Program Director Miami Waterkeeper Howard Tonkin- Native Species Landscaper, Urban Habitat
Daron Willison and Meghan Balling- Coral Reef Advocates
Matt Schwartz- Executive Director, South Florida Wildlands Association Jean Sarmiento/ Houston R. Cypress- Love the Everglades Movement

We are HERE

Solo Show

University of Miami

2850 NW 32nd St Miami Fl

Opening March 4th 2017 6-9

Open for Wynwood Second Sat as well March 11th 4-10

Panel Talk Tentatively March 23rd 7-9 

8th All-Media Juried Biennial
Hollywood Arts and Culture Center
1650 Harrison St Hollywood Fl
Opening Friday Jan 20th, 2017 6-9pm
Open thru March 5th

University of Miami Faculty Show
2850 NW 3rd Ave, Wynnwood, Miami

Opening Nov 5th, 2016 6-9 (Gallery Hours 4-10)

Showing "Monument to the Alligator"

Locust Projects Smash n' Grab
Fund Raiser

3852 N Miami Ave
Oct 29th, 2016 6:30-11p 3852  
Buy a ticket to buy a work of art! or just buy a ticket to support Locust Projects My Offering "Monument to the Alligator" 2016
Curated By- Lisa Rockford

Bailey Contemporary Arts
41 NE 1st St,Pompano Beach Fl
Opening Sept 8th, 2016 6-9
Showing new installation- "Cyanobacteria and Interstitial"

B16 Wiregrass Museum Biennial

Opening July 21st-Sept 24th, 2016
Showing- "Marshlands 1"

Curated by Richard Haden

770 NE 125th St, North Miami 33161 
June 23rd, 2016 7-9
Come see my new piece, "American Owned, Family Operated" 
Recently Acquired
Curated by Mindy Solomon

Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd St Miami 33127
Opening May 13th 7-10

May 13 to June 12, 2016
Showing new installation- "Proceed with Caution"
Is an initiative the Bakehouse started seven years ago, as an opportunity to introduce to the public the work of our newer artists those who joined us within the last year.  As it is the nature of the artists selection, the works are not chosen after certain theme or concept, but out of their artistic quality and in their capacity to dialogue with each other. They are a reflection of the richness and diversity of the voices in our community of artists. Installation, painting and sculpture, among other media address a myriad of topics, by artists Rafael Barros, Maria Theresa Barbist, Jenna Efrein, Julio Hochberg, Kyoko Matsuyama, Doris Rodriguez, Claudio Roncoli, Donna Ruff and Andrea Spiridonakos. 
Panel Talk- Save the Everglades, What you can do
Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138
Mar 10, 2016 7:30 pm
In conjunction with the show "Verdant Plunderland", a panel talk with 3 experts in their fields concerning the Everglades.
Howard Tonkin of Urban Habitat
Houston Cypress of
Deborah Mithcell of 
Verdant Plunderland"
Solo Show

Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE 2nd Ave, Maimi, Fl 33138
Projects Space Feb 6th
Opening Mar 19th, 2016, 6-9
Hours-Tues-Sat 11-5
Verdant Plunderland is an installation representing the indigenous South Florida landscape of marshlands and swamp. The predominant materials are farmed from the waste of local consumption. Ironically, South Florida was considered an uninhabitable wasteland. But through efforts of dredging, draining, and genocide South Florida became an attractive vacation, retirement, and rejuvenation location. The exhibition upcycles bottles, wallpaper, and wooden palettes to mimic the beauty of the Everglades while hinting at the issues concerning its assertion of ownership and deterioration.
UM Lecturer and Adjunct Faculty Exhibition
Nov 5th-27th, 2015
"Hairless" is a small wall piece reflecting on women's hair maintenance practice and preferences. It is being shown along with work by UM art department lecturer and adjunct faculty. 2750 NW 3rd Ave, Suite 4, Miami Fl 33127 Gallery Hours- Wed, Thurs, Fri 10-6
Faculty Exhibition
Nov 7th, 2014
A new piece will be shown at the CAS Gallery at the University of Miami as a part of the faculty exhibition. The opening will be from 5-7pm. Show dates Nov 6th-28th, 2014. 1210 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146 Pavia Parking Garage behind the Gallery