Visual artist Jenna Efrein fuses sculpture, installation and performance art to draw focus to societal and environmental concerns. Driven by activism and inspired by the moral and philosophical tenets of community, she stimulates social awareness through a practice that invites viewers to participate both physically and psychologically. The impetus for her work is derived from research and observation; the method is a means to an end rather than a source of inspiration, and exposes the repercussions of being human in this world.

A skilled artisan trained in a variety of sculptural techniques and digital technologies, Efrein leans into the fragile, yet strong qualities of glass, and places a careful emphasis on the use of recycled materials. Discarded scraps of glass and plastic are sourced from her local artist community; in this way, Efrein acts as a filter for junk materials in her immediate environment, reincorporating them into works for a broader audience. She often inserts her own human form into the work, in an effort to bridge vulnerabilities between herself and her audience. Connecting the consequences of our past actions to the present reality while envisioning future possibilities if gone unchecked, Efrein jars the viewer into a state of reckoning.

Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Efrein has lived in many states, but has resided in Miami, Fl since 2014. Efrein is a full-time Senior Lecturer in the Art and Art History Department at the University of Miami in the glass and sculpture studios, and a resident at Miami’s acclaimed Bakehouse Art Complex. Since moving to Miami, Efrein has participated in numerous exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at the University of Miami and Mindy Solomon gallery. In addition, she has sold several sculptures into private collections. She is also a proud recipient of a Spring 2019 Miami-Dade County Artist Access grant.